Young Adult Cancer Education — Events and Activities

Young Adult Cancer Education — Events and Activities

b-present Team | June 30, 2020

b-present overcomes the stigma of cancer through education, community dialogue, and experiences that improve empathy and compassion. These events and activities create a shared understanding of the young adult cancer experience and the impact of presence.

Community Events and Workshops 

These events provide a safe and inclusive environment to learn about the young adult cancer experience and the barriers to providing good support. Diverse perspectives and thoughtful discussion leads to a roadmap for change that best meets the community’s needs.

Partner Campaigns

Our partner campaigns create fun and rewarding activities that support others in need. Participants learn presence comes in many forms, has a tangible impact, and is within their reach.

School Events and Activities 

Our school outreach program educates students about the needs and challenges of the AYA cancer community. In addition, students are invited to work together to create and participate in activities that support the young adults in their community in meaningful ways.

Education and Outreach at Public Events

We participate in public events throughout the year. This includes virtual conferences (increasing with COVID-19) as well as in person meetings and events. In 2019, we were excited to participate in CureFest Washington, DC, and GRYT Health’s  Global Virtual Cancer Conference .

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Cancer Rebellion – Inspiring a Community Through Film

Our first awareness event  was the Cancer Rebellion movie premiere in July 2019. We were so grateful to have film director and survivor Hernan Barangan share his insights and answer questions. This event was not just about watching a film together. It was about immersing ourselves as a community in the stories of young adults going through cancer. Through this powerful film and community conversation, we developed a deeper understanding of how a cancer diagnosis upends each young adult life. The audience left with a better appreciation for how important social support is to this age group.

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A Workshop for Change

In November 2019, we hosted the first-ever workshop focused on improving the quality and impact of support for young adults with cancer. This event brought together medical professionals, cancer survivors, supporters, and like-minded nonprofits to discuss the young adult support network. First we discussed the challenges, needs and gaps unique to each phase of the cancer experience (diagnosis, treatment, and beyond treatment).  Next we identified the programming needs for the future. The final outcome of the workshop was a prioritized set of recommendations and next steps to be addressed in 2020 and beyond.

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Looking Ahead — Responding to the Events of 2020

COVID-19 and the Black Lives Matter movement have highlighted the importance of developing flexible solutions for staying connected and ensuring we are inclusive of our communities of color to close the gaps in access and disparities in health outcomes. As a result, we are currently assessing where changes and improvements are necessary. These changes will ensure safe, accessible, and equitable programs that meet our diverse community’s needs.

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