Kirsten’s Story

After bold, sassy and beautiful 20-year old Kirsten Westerman lost her seven-month battle with leukemia in 2016, determined family and friends founded b-present in her honor.

Throughout her treatment journey, Kirsten found incredible comfort in knowing others were there for her — even if they didn’t always know what to say, how to act or what to do to help. They reminded her there was a world waiting for her return, and she gained hope and strength from their presence.

Still, between family and friends visiting and sending words of encouragement, Kirsten didn’t always get the support she needed and desired. Kirsten recognized being there for someone with a life-threatening illness can be tough, intimidating or awkward, and noticed there weren’t adequate tools to properly connect her with supporters or educate and encourage them throughout her treatment journey.

b-present exists to provide these tools and improve the young adult cancer experience through facilitating more meaningful, consistent support. We are also working to educate the young adult community about the importance of always being present for others, through thick and thin.

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-b-present team