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Young adults diagnosed with cancer are required to press pause during such a pivotal time in their lives and often don’t receive consistent support from busy friends. Unfortunately, poor support can contribute to a negative response to treatment and overall worse health outcomes. Through two key programs, b-aware and b-connected, we are providing the information and tools that empower the social support network to be present from pre-cancer diagnosis through survivorship.

  • What is b-aware?

    b-aware is educating the general young adult community about the importance of being there for others. We’re proactively providing young adults access to important information and experiences that amplify and reinforce the importance of presence and inspire active change. By giving young adults the tools and experiences before a friend is diagnosed, they will feel empowered to be a strong supporter when the need arises.

    What is b-aware?

    b-aware b-informed b-empowered

    Not all of us will face a cancer diagnosis in our lifetime, but every single one of us will be called on to be a supporter. If we learn how to be the best possible supporter today, we have the power to improve the experience for others.

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    Change their future.

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    • Leading Cause of Death

      Leading Cause of Death

      Cancer remains the #1 cause of disease-related death among young adults (YAs) between the ages of 18-39.
    • Survival Rates Are Not Improving

      Survival Rates Are Not Improving

      Unlike pediatric and older adult patients, YAs with cancer have seen little improvement in survival rates since 1975.
    • Social and Emotional Issues

      Social and Emotional Issues

      Isolation is the #1 psychosocial issue impacting YAs with cancer. Finding effective social support is often difficult for this age group.

    SOURCE: Couzin, 2007

    • 💪🏻”TBT to this one time I finished chemo. One thing I’ve learned through and after cancer treatment is that maybe/probably/definitely the “after” is a little harder. ⁣⁣
✨When you’re fighting, it’s all about the fight...Head down, smile on, game face. But after, it’s about finding your new normal, dealing with relapse fear, picking up the thousands of pieces and trying to put them back into some sort of an intelligible life, standing back up after you’ve been completely knocked down. What is this even? Who am I and what the heck just happened?⁣ ✨⁣⁣
The one thing that heals the most is the distance that time gives you, so if you are there, will be there, loving someone who is there know that you’re not alone and it does get better as time pushes on, I promise. 😘” —@themommymd⁣
    • If your friend is dealing with a life-threatening illness, saying "I feel so sorry for you" through your words and body language is unhelpful and discouraging. Ditch the pity party and figure out how to bring normalcy back into their life. 💕 ⠀
Find an activity you used to enjoy together and know will give them a lift. Often the actions and words that are most appreciated are the ones that make them feel more like a person less like a patient. 💪⠀
    • Gearing up for whatever 2020 has to throw at us @badaxethrowing! 💪Grateful for another year of presence with our all-star team. 💛
    • Wow, just wow. We are bursting with gratitude as we look back at all we have accomplished in just one year. 😊 We wanted to say THANK YOU to our family and friends who have stood by us, donated their precious resources, volunteered their time, and inspired us to keep going. 💪 We are moving onward and upward and it’s because of all of you! We are better with you and stronger together. 💛 We’re ready to grab this new decade by the horns. Bring it on, 2020.
    • That’s a wrap! Another successful year giving the gift of presence. 👫 Today, and every day, we encourage you to be there for each other through the highs and the lows. Until next year, Support Squad… #GiftPresence 🎁
    • 2x cancer survivor and AYA cancer advocate @ralphiezzay couldn’t imagine dealing with the hardships of cancer or the recovery without his support system. 💪 #GiftPresence⁣⁣
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  • What is b-connected?

    b-connected is providing the necessary tools to facilitate strong support for young adult cancer patients post-diagnosis through survivorship. We’re addressing the unique needs of these young adults throughout the treatment journey by working closely with patients, survivors, and supporters, to enhance the connectedness of social support networks.

    What is b-connected?

    The b-there Tool

    Our web-based patient and supporter connection tool, b-there, is designed to ensure the support network has the information they need to be there for the cancer patient from the day of diagnosis.

    The tool gives the patient a simple, low-stress way to control visits, convey status, and request needed items, allowing supporters to be responsive to the patient’s physical and emotional needs. Through the easy-to-understand patient dashboard, supporters can quickly get updates on how the patient is doing, what they need, if they want visitors, how they can help, and more.

    Interested in helping evaluate the b-there tool?  Check out the latest info on our testing.

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    • Patient Status

      Patient Status

      Informs supporters how the patient is doing, the patient's preferred method of contact, and if they are welcoming visitors.
    • Calendar


      Lets supporters know when the patient is available, what activities are of interest to them, and how they can help.
    • Wish List

      Wish List

      Allows supporters to see what the patient needs, when they need it, and how they would like it to be delivered.