b-present in the Media


The b-present Foundation is always honored to be recognized by news and media outlets as well as leaders within the health care and cancer community. We are so grateful for their support. Take a peek at some of the exciting media and news content where b-present has been featured.

Stanford AYA Community Magazine | One Young Adult’s Symbol of Resilience and Hope – Kirsten’s Story |  Winter 2023 Edition

After her cancer diagnosis, Kirsten’s life was upended. Read her story, and her struggle to maintain hope while still in treatment. Stanford-AYA-Community-Magazine-Physical-and-Emotional-Scars.pdf

San Diego Union Tribune | ‘American Idol’ finalist to give first concert since cancer surgery | by Diane Bell | September 22, 2022

b-present was so honored to host brain cancer survivor and American Idol Alumni Avalon Young for her first concert since her diagnosis in February 2021. The inspiring performance wrapped up b-present’s two-day Spark Tank Innovation event at Powerhouse Community Center in Del Mar. The concert was streamed live for young adult patients in partner hospitals and hailed with a standing ovation. Our warmest congratulations to Avalon on her triumphant performance and bright future ahead. Check out the San Diego Union Tribune article here.

Excuses to Connect Podcast | Episode 40: How to Be Present for Young Adults with Cancer with Abby Westerman | June 1, 2022

In this episode of Excuses to Connect Podcast, Richard Lee Thai and our CEO, Abby Westerman, sit down for some real talk about the importance of connection and the why’s and how’s of connection and support. One of our CEO’s favorite conversations, we’re sure you will enjoy learning more (and even catch a special convo about our CEO’s annual journey to the famed music festival EDC in Las Vegas). To learn more about Excuses to Connect, head to their website.

Elephants and Tea | Being Present For Kirsten | February 25, 2021 Perkatory Event – Being Present

Being a young adult supporter isn’t easy. Check out our Board Chair, Jordann Phillip’s heartfelt and vulnerable personal story of support for Kirsten. Jordann shared her story at a personal reading in February as a featured guest for Elephants and Tea’s Perkatory virtual event in February on Being Present. Being Present for Kirsten – Elephants and Tea Elephants and Tea

Elephants and Tea | Being Present: How My Daughter Inspired Us To Improve Support for Young Adults with Cancer | December 2020 Print Edition and February 25 Perkatory Event – Being Present

We all have our imperfect stories of presence. In the December Issue of Elephants and Tea Magazine, Abby shares a look inside the ups and downs of being a parent and caregiver for Kirsten, how the experience changed her perspective, and how Kirsten inspired her to create change for other young adults with cancer.

Thrive Global Community | What Connects Us in Times of Crisis? The Importance of Social Support During Cancer | Abby Westerman | September 24, 2020

Thrive Global is a health, well-being and productivity company founded by Arainna Huffington and focused on redefining the way we work and live. “To go beyond raising awareness and create something real and tangible that would help individuals, companies and communities improve their well-being and performance and unlock their greatest potential.” Abby had the opportunity to share the b-present story and the importance of social support to the young adult cancer experience, and how the C3Prize has helped b-present change cancer care by providing the resources to take b-there beta online. Read More

Oncology Tube | Interview with CEO Abby Westerman | September 15, 2020 |

Oncology Tube was launched in 2009, and works with world-renowned oncologists to provide high-quality cancer research and data and lifestyle content to people through multimedia. As the 2019 Astellas Oncology C3Prize Emerging Ideas winner, CEO Abby Westerman had the opportunity to share her experience as a caregiver for her late daughter Kirsten, the story behind the founding of b-present, and her experience as a winner of the C3Prize.

Health Professional Radio | Interview with CEO Abby Westerman | August 21, 2020|

Health Professional Radio (HPR) is an online radio podcast network reaching 40K global listeners with a focus on “news and talk” that is geared toward health care professionals across a range of clinical experiences. The show includes interviews with experts and everyday people on important health topics. As the 2019 Astellas Oncology C3Prize Emerging Ideas winner, CEO Abby Westerman had the opportunity to speak to HPR Host, Neal Howard, about her experience as a caregiver, the founding of b-present, and what she would say to anyone with an idea to change cancer care wondering if they should submit it to C3Prize. Listen Now

Part of Our Fabric Podcast |There is Nothing More Important than Being Present with CEO Abby Westerman | June, 2020|

Check out our CEO’s chat with Fleece and Thank You Founder and Executive Director, Nicholas Kristock, as they talk about the importance of presence. Both organizations are on a similar path to create strength through presence and understand the impact of showing up and brightening the day of adolescents and young adults dealing with cancer.  To learn more about Fleece and Thank You and how they bring color and comfort to the patient’s rooms during their hospital stay, head to their website. To hear the chat between two like-minded founders, LISTEN NOW

Astellas Oncology | C3 Prize Winners | January 27, 2020

Finding out b-present was the winner of the Astellas c3 Prize Emerging Ideas Prize was a moment for CEO Abby Westerman. After spending the last year working on the b-there tool, this prize was validation that our hard work was paying off, and great things were on the horizon. Watch Now.

KUSI NEWS SAN DIEGO | Wrapped In Presence Event | August 31, 2020

A special partnership between b-present Foundation and Michigan-based Fleece & Thank You resulted in the first ever Virtual Wrapped in Presence Event via Zoom. This public event invited participants to come together across the country for a virtual blanket making event, learn more about the two organizations, and make their own fleece blanket for local children and young adults in the hospital going through a difficult time. After finishing the blankets, participants uploaded a personalized video message for the recipient through the Fleece & Thank You video platform.  KUSI NEWS was there to interview CEO, Abby Westerman.  This is just the first event from this special partnership, focused on providing comfort and support to patients, and letting them know they are not alone.

CBS News | b-present Workshop Recap | November 14, 2019

On November 14 and 15, 2020, b-present brought together survivors, supporters, and medical professionals from all over California to discuss how to better serve the nearly 70,000 young adults who are diagnosed with cancer each year. ⁣We left with new perspectives and ideas on how to make every day better for those dealing with cancer. ⁣ Watch Now

Parade Magazine | Interview with Bill & Giuliana Rancic | November 11, 2019

Celebrity entrepreneur Bill Rancic and his wife Giuliana know firsthand the challenges and how it feels to deal with the life-changing diagnosis of cancer. It was such an honor to be mentioned by them in their recent interview with Parade Magazine.

Astellas Oncology | C3 Prize Emerging Ideas Prize Winner | Jan 27, 2020

CEO Abby Westerman had the experience of a lifetime at Astellas Live Pitch Event in New York City. She got to spend the day with the other inspiring Astellas C3Prize finalists and had the opportunity to share the story and inspiration behind b-present. Abby was also coached by the one and only TEDMED in the development of her live pitch. Watch Now

SD Voyager Magazine | Meet the CEO | December 16, 2019

b-present is all about inspiration, hard work, and love for the community they serve. SD Voyager Magazine shines a light on inspiring San Diego locals so others can see and hear their unique stories. Our CEO Abby Westerman was honored to be selected as one of the featured hidden gems and is so proud to represent the San Diego community focused on improving cancer care. Read More