<p>Because being there and staying connected improves their quality of life</p>

b-there Connection Tool

Because being there and staying connected improves their quality of life

What is b-there beta?

b-there beta is a free online tool to help patients and their support network communicate and stay connected, whether they live down the street or across the country. It gives the patient a simple, low-stress way to share status, manage visits and activities, and request needed items. This information creates a shared understanding that empowers friends and family to provide the support that best matches the patient’s needs.

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  • Calendar


    Lets supporters know when the patient is available, what activities are of interest to them, and how they can help.
  • Patient Status

    Patient Status

    Informs supporters how the patient is doing, the patient’s preferred method of contact, and if they are welcoming visitors.
  • Wishlist


    Allows supporters to see what the patient needs, when they need it, and how they would like it to be delivered.

Why b-there?

In the face of a life-threatening diagnosis, receiving consistent and meaningful support, and staying connected are a patient’s lifeline. Unfortunately, many young adults struggle with how to ask for or offer support. As a result, connections can become strained or broken, support becomes mismatched and inconsistent over time, and isolation becomes yet another health risk to overcome.

Why b-there?

The Challenges

For those needing support, it can be stressful to communicate how they feel, what they need, and whether or not they want visitors for fear of seeming weak, needy, or hurting someone’s feelings.

From the supporter’s perspective, lack of experience and not knowing their friend’s status and needs can make them feel uncertain about how to support and when to reach out and connect.  That is where b-there comes in.

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The Challenges

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