Connection and Support are Vital

b-there provides the tools and resources that create shared understanding, improve communication, and help patients and supporters stay connected from diagnosis, through treatment and beyond. We collaborate with survivors, supporters, medical professionals, and like-minded organizations to understand the needs and challenges, and create solutions that help peers be present as they navigate each unique phase of their friend’s cancer experience.

  • Diagnosis


    The first few weeks are overwhelming and chaotic as everyone adjusts to the news. Needs for support may be difficult to verbalize, but establishing a support network early is critical to quality of life and health outcomes.
  • Treatment


    Life settles into a new routine, but daily upsets continue. Physical, mental and emotional changes emerge as they cope with treatment and life upended. Normalcy, presence, and support from peers provides the needed escape and gives patients the strength to get through.
  • Beyond Treatment

    Beyond Treatment

    Returning to life outside the hospital is an adjustment as physical and mental health effects persist during recovery. With uncertainties about health, finances, relationships and what's next, supportive and understanding friends are vital to a successful transition.

"I have cancer."

It is undeniably the three most devastating words you will hear your friend say. The shock, the fear, the sudden feeling of uncertainty for your friend, your friendship, and your future together…it can all be incredibly scary and overwhelming. Unanswered questions can make you feel helpless. Questions like: What do I do? What do I say? How do I act? How can I help? Am I capable of being by their side through thick and thin?

The most important thing you can do is choose to be present for your friend.

  • What's Next for my Friend w/ Cancer?

    What's Next for my Friend w/ Cancer?

    Most young adults never expect to hear the words “I have cancer” and feel totally unprepared when they do. Finding out a friend has cancer can be scary and overwhelming. Click the link below to learn what's ahead and support with courage and compassion. Your friend is counting on it.

  • What do I Do?<br>What do I Say?

    What do I Do?
    What do I Say?

    If you are a young adult, your friend's diagnosis may be the first time you know someone your age with cancer. You may be struggling with what to say or do, and how to support. We're here to help you find the answers so you can be the supportive friend they need during this challenging time.

  • Support is Easy w/ <br> the b-there App

    Support is Easy w/
    the b-there App

    How are you? What do you need? Do you want visitors? When can I come by? These questions often go unanswered if we are afraid to ask for or offer support. Our b-there tool eases the communication and ensures patients receive meaningful support consistent with their needs.

Support Squad Webinar Series and Video Support Shorts

The first time an adolescent or young adult (AYA) hears the news that their friend or loved one has been diagnosed with cancer, they may be at a loss for what this means, and more importantly, how they can be supportive during this difficult time.

Our Webinars and Support Short videos cover a variety of topics to help you be present from the day of diagnosis.

Support Squad Webinar Series and Video Support Shorts

AYA Cancer Community Organizations

We compiled a list of helpful resources and organizations specific to the AYA cancer community. If you have a resource to add to this page, let us know!

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AYA Cancer Community Organizations

Staying Connected With Friends Near and Far

Friendships are one of the most important aspects of our lives, and staying connected when isolated is essential for our mental health. Whether you have a friend that is stuck in the hospital or a long-distance BFF, remember there are tons of ways to b-present and stay connected to friends from afar. 

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Staying Connected With Friends Near and Far

AYA Cancer Community Stories

Every experience is different, but there are definitely themes to the young adult cancer experience. Personal stories from cancer survivors can help you understand the challenges, what is needed, and what positively or negatively impacted their quality of life. Information is power, and can help you be a better supporter for your friend.

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 AYA Cancer Community Stories