b-there App

b-there. It really is that simple.

Staying connected and receiving consistent and meaningful support is a cancer survivor’s lifeline. The b-there app was designed specifically for busy young adults, balancing life and being supportive friends. Survivors can easily share their status, desire to connect, manage activities, and request needed items. Supporters can check the app for updates on how their loved one feels before connecting or stopping by, and they can sign up to fulfill items from their wish list. Being there and staying connected has never been easier! The app is free and available to download now on iOS and Android.



  • Connect


    Rally your community to join your invite-only private support network. You can be a supporter too.
  • Status


    Share your status, mood, & desire to connect. Supporters check the app before they connect or come by.
  • Wishlist


    Request items and coordinate activities. You decide who is invited. Supporters sign up.

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Got Feedback?