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b-present Foundation is excited to partner with Omar’s Dream. Together we are helping patients stay digitally and socially connected with their communities of support, preserving their relationships, giving them normalcy, restoring their hope, and facilitating a smooth transition back to life so they can pursue their reimagined dreams with their friends and loved ones by their side.

b-there. it really is that simple.

Staying connected and receiving consistent and meaningful support is a cancer survivor’s lifeline. The b-there app was designed specifically for busy young adults, balancing life and being supportive friends. Survivors can easily share their status, desire to connect, manage activities, and request needed items. Supporters can check the app for updates on how their loved one feels before connecting or stopping by, and they can sign up to fulfill items from their wish list. Being there and staying connected has never been easier! The app is free and available to download now on iOS and Android.



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    We improve the quality of life and health outcomes of young adults with cancer through programs that promote and strengthen connections between young adults and their communities of support.



    Through two key programs, b-aware and b-there, we provide the tools and resources that empower the social support network to be present from diagnosis, through treatment, and beyond.

  • Support Roadmap

    Support Roadmap

    The Supporter Roadmap helps patients and supporters understand what's ahead and navigate this difficult time together. Request hard copies or download your digital copy today.

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