b-there general info

Overview of the b-there tool

What is b-there?

  • b-there is a free online tool to help patients and their support network communicate and stay connected, whether they live down the street or across the country. It gives the patient a simple, low-stress way to share status, manage visits and activities, and request needed items. This information creates a shared understanding that empowers friends and family to provide the support that best matches the patient’s needs on any given day


What is b-there beta?

  • B-there beta is our initial version of the tool. It has all of the basic functionality for patients and supporters to stay connected but has not been evaluated by the user community. That is where you come in
  • As a beta user, you can either be someone who needs support or someone who wants to be a supporter. We hope using b-there beta improves your quality of life or allows you to better help someone in need. Through your important user feedback, you will help us continue to improve the tool and user experience for future users
  • Although we have thoroughly reviewed b-there, we recognize there may be issues that you experience. Please let us know as soon as you experience the issue. Our goal is to receive feedback and fix software issues as soon as possible, improving your experience as well as others who may be experiencing similar issues


Who can use b-there?

  • Anyone who needs support, wants to be a supporter, has internet access, and a computer or mobile device can use b-there. It is a free tool available to help patients and supporters stay connected and ensure the best support possible is provided


Who will b-there help

  • B-there was created to help young adult cancer patients and their support network stay connected. However, it can be used by anyone who is isolated and in need of support from friends, family, or other volunteers or health professionals
  • B-there is intended to be a complement to your other health and treatment plans. By reducing the isolation patients can experience, our goal is to improve quality of life and health outcomes
  • We welcome your input on other potential user communities. The opportunities are endless!


Do I have to be a patient in a hospital to use b-there?

  • No. That is the beauty of the design. You can use it whether you are inpatient,  outpatient, or are homebound with a chronic illness. It does not connect to hospital health systems or medical info. We recognize there are plenty of other great tools out there that serve those functions. All you need is access to an internet connection with your mobile device or computer


What is the difference between a Patient and a Supporter?

  • Patient refers to anyone who needs support. This includes patient, survivor, self-quarantined, etc. Patients can have multiple Supporters in their Network
  • Supporter refers to any individual or group providing support. This includes a friend, family, medical professional, another patient, volunteer, church group, etc. Supporters can have just one or multiple Patients in their Network


How do I request access to b-there?

  • To request access to b-there, you will need to sign up here by providing a name and email address. Once you sign up, we will send you a follow-up email with access to the tool and tutorials on how to use it. You must also agree to the terms of use and review the data privacy info


What do I get with the free software?

  • If you are interested in using b-there beta, go to b-present.org/b-there to sign up
  • Once you complete the signup form, you will receive a follow-up email with all the info you need to get set up and start using b-there
  • While you are using the software, you will have access to our team to provide tech support as best we can. Since we are a volunteer organization, and this is a beta version, we thank you in advance for your patience, and we appreciate your input to make b-there the best it can be


What type of devices can access b-there?

  • b-there will work on both Windows and Apple devices
  • As long as you can connect to the internet, you can get access to your account on b-there


What browsers support b-there?

  • Desktop or laptop web browsers supported include Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Silk
  • b-there is mobile device friendly and can be used on your mobile phone or tablet
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