<p>Feeling connected and supported improves their quality of life</p>

b-there Connection Tool

Feeling connected and supported improves their quality of life

b-there - Anytime - Anywhere

The b-there connection tool is available for free online to help patients and their support network communicate and stay connected 24/7 from anywhere. Patients easily share their status, desire to connect, manage activities, and request needed items, and friends and family provide the support that best matches these needs.

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  • Calendar


    Lets supporters know when the patient is available, what activities are of interest to them, and how they can help.
  • Patient Status

    Patient Status

    Informs supporters how the patient is doing, the patient’s preferred method of contact, and if they are welcoming visitors.
  • Wishlist


    Allows supporters to see what the patient needs, when they need it, and how they would like it to be delivered.

b-there - It's that simple

Staying connected and receiving consistent and meaningful support are a patient’s lifeline. The b-there tool was designed specifically for busy young adults, balancing life and being a supportive friend. Information is private, clear, easy to act on and sign up, and avoids the pitfalls and hurt feelings that come with negotiating the who, when and what of support. No more unwelcome advice, duplicate items, or unexpected visitors.  b-there handles everything.

Being there and staying connected has never been easier!

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b-there - It's that simple

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